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What Makes a Kid-Friendly Neighbourhood?

What Makes a Kid-Friendly Neighbourhood?
July 11, 2018 betterhomes


It’s a well-worn phrase in real estate.

Location, location, location.

And how true that is when it comes to families who are on the hunt for a new home. Depending on the age of their children, they may look specifically for a kid-friendly or family-friendly neighbourhood.

But what are the key elements that define that type of community for prospective homebuyers when they embark on the stressful path of purchasing a new abode where they want their children to grow up for many years?

Of course, it’s all about location as it always is in real estate. But location for a number of things – specifically those things that would enhance a family’s life.

As always, it’s good to do your research about particular neighbourhoods and a REALTOR®, who as a member of CREA and a real estate board or association with access to a board MLS® System, is always a good person to start with.

Tanya Eklund, a salesperson and REALTOR® in Calgary, Alberta with RE/MAX Real Estate (Central) and The Tanya Eklund Group, says one of the top factors for families choosing a home is the age of their children. Younger children will require a different type of neighbourhood than older ones.

But here are some of the things to consider overall in what makes a neighbourhood family-friendly.