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The Importance of Having a REALTOR® Price Your Home

The Importance of Having a REALTOR® Price Your Home
June 4, 2018 betterhomes


Pricing a home for sale is probably one of the most important aspects of selling a property.

If it’s priced too high, it languishes with few people showing any interest in being potential homebuyers.

If priced too low, sellers could be out thousands of dollars they could have pocketed.

And let’s face it, buying a home is likely to be the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. So if you’re selling that investment, it makes sense you’ll want to squeeze out as much as you possibly can.

In this day and age, the correct pricing of a home is critical in the selling process. While market trends and research are a majority factor, gut feelings, instinct and experience also play a role in what a REALTOR® comes up with as a list price.

Christina Hagerty, a salesperson and REALTOR® in Calgary with RE/MAX Realty Professionals, says the first key thing in selling a home is being represented by a REALTOR®.

Only REALTORS® are members of real estate boards and associations and have access to MLS® Systems. Access to an MLS® System, including active listings and historical information, as well at a network of other REALTORS® with buyers looking for houses, is a benefit to any home seller. As a consumer, if you’re trying to price your own property, you likely have an emotional attachment to the home meaning you might not have an objective perspective. Usually, people think their property is worth more than it actually is.

Number one: A REALTOR® brings an unbiased approach