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Lighting Tips To Help Sell Your Home

Lighting Tips To Help Sell Your Home
October 8, 2018 betterhomes

Lighting Tips To Help Sell Your Home

When it comes to selling your home, staging can make all the difference. But while we carefully consider things like furniture, décor, paint colours and even scent, there’s another important feature that can help brighten up a sale — light.

Light should be considered very carefully during the staging process, as the right lighting can make a room look bigger, create ambience and draw attention to focal points.

Here are a few illuminating tips to consider.

Types of lighting

There are different kinds of lighting to think about when assessing your home’s overall lighting scheme. General lighting refers to the kind of light that makes your home functional. Natural lighting — that is, any light that comes from the sun outside or is reflected from mirrors — is of particular interest to potential home buyers. Is your house typically dark or bright most of the day? Do your windows face north, south, east or west? This will help you determine which parts of the house get the most sun and therefore, the most natural light.

Accent lights — for example, in the form of a well-placed standing lamp or wall sconce — can help bring focus to an area such a reading nook or an art wall, while task lighting can help prospective buyers visualize how a space can be utilized; for example, with vanity lighting in the bathroom or a bright desk lamp in the home office.

Lastly, ambient lighting — which can include anything from dimmer switches to the right chandelier — can help set the tone of a room. A string of bright fluorescent lights won’t have the same tonal effect as a soft, incandescent bulb, so make sure each room’s lighting scheme fits with the mood.